Woodland d.o.o. company is founded in 2010. and it has been registered for carrying out activities within renewable energy sources. We are working with the production of the highest quality and most efficient wood pellets in the region. Our pellet is made of the best quality raw material and wood from the intact nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Woodland d.o.o. fills the highest quality standards for each produced sack of pellet. We constantly improve the quality of our pellets and invest great efforts in the development of production technology. A large number of consumers use our pellet, and most of our production is producd for the Western European market, because the quality of the goods that we offer meets all European standards for this type of fuel.
Due to the daily increase in demand for this extremely energy-efficient method of firewood, we constantly increase our production capacities. We can help you whether you need a small amount for household heating or you need a larger quantity for production facility. We have great production capacities and we can supply pellets to any address both in the region and in Europe.

Woodland Pellets

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Jove Kecmana 2
Drvar 80260
Bosnia and Herzegovina


+387 34 206 265



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