FAQ - most frequently asked questions

As long as the pellet is properly stored at the safe and dry place, it can last indefinitely. If you want to find out how to store pellets click here.

Wooden pellets are eco-friendly. The biggest benefit that pellet combustion has for the environment is low carbon dioxide emissions. Combustion of pellets is released by the same amount of CO2 that wood absorbs during the life cycle and therefore it is said that the pellet has a neutral CO2 emission.

Our contact information can be found here. We will give our best to answer you as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone.

Pellets are delivered to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia ad Serbia, and we are also open for cooperation with other countries.

After the order is finalized, delivery deadline is one week.



We produce wood pellets with the latest generation technology. Woodland pellets are high-quality pellets with high levels of power and very low ash content.

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